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See for information about Debian GNU/Linux.

In this directory is _not_ the orignal Debian FTP site. 

The ddtp (Debian Description Translation Project) make translated 
Packages files daily and you can use this files to get translated 
package descriptions on your system.

If you change your apt config file /etc/apt/sources.list from 
	deb potato main
	deb de/potato main
(see the added '-ddtp' and the 'de/'), you will get german package

Now we make i386/main Package files only. See the project site on for more information. 

Master site: (only http and per rsync)
Know mirrors:

If you know other mirrors, write this to

--- Other directories:
doc             Debian documentation.
indices         Various indices of the site.
project         Experimental packages and other miscellaneous files.
tools           Tools for creating boot disks and booting Linux.