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Ring Server Software Library

RingServer project maintains several replicated servers.

List of Libraries

[Documents] RFC, Internet-Drafts, etc. [BSD] NetBSD, OpenBSD
[GNU] GNU tools [Graphics] gimp, gtk, graphics related softwares
[Language] Compilers, Perl, Ruby [Linux] Linux distributions, kernel, etc.
[Mac] Macintosh applications. [Misc] SQL, ham, OpenOffice, ... and not classified softwares.
[Network] Mail, DNS, SAMBA, etc. Network related. [PC(Windows)] Windows applications.
[Text] TeX [WWW] Browser, Web server, squid...
[X Window system] X server, Window manager.
[elisp] EmacsLisp

RingServer Public Library

Gathered by RingServer project members and tested for virus.

O Ring HamRadio Archive

Leader: Toshiki Komatsu

O Chiiki Shiryo Digital Archives

Documents and Datas of folk culture and etc
Leader: Yoshikazu Hinata

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